What does the Qatar crisis mean for Hamas?


What does the Qatar crisis mean for Hamas?

Hamas is one of the groups that several Arab countries named when explaining why they severed relations with Qatar.

The Gulf states want Qatar to stop funding the Palestinian group, which rules Gaza, but Hamas argues that the money it receives is needed for humanitarian projects.

Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett reports from Gaza.

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  1. Why is this FILTHY & SHAMELESS SAUDI MONARCHY behaving like this. Instead of helping and supporting the Palestinians, they are trying to block those who want to help. Don't they have the knowledge that the resistance is for Al Quds. Who are they trying to please??? Have some SHAME…Have some SHAME…O sons of Saud

  2. for Israel ,through America, by Saudi Arabia. ..only Israel benefit from this crisis. why US president Dump visited Saudi is clear now. I think he blackmailed Saudi to cut tie with Qatar which helps poor Palestinian. Qatar is the only Arab nation which has back born

  3. The horn of the devil are from Najd (as told by our beloved Prophet Muhammad)exactly the place where the Saudis came from and occupied whole of the Arabic peninsula and called it first the kingdom of Najd and later on became known as Saudi-Arabia …cursed they are !!!!

  4. 00:58 that housing project mostly houses families of Hamas members, and also houses some headquarters of Hamas.
    In the next round between Israel and Hamas, it's probably going to get flattened.

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