What does Washington want from Islamabad? – Inside Story


‘Trump has put Pakistan on notice’, that was the message from the US Vice President during a surprise visit to America’s largest military base in Afghanistan.

Mike Pence addressed 500 troops in Bagram on Thursday, four months after President Trump unveiled his strategy for Afghanistan.

Pakistan has hit back saying ‘allies do not put each other on notice’ urging that the focus instead be on creating ‘peace and reconciliation’.

But relations between the two countries have deteriorated, with the US accusing Pakistan of providing safe havens for terrorist groups, a charge Pakistan strongly denies.

With relations between the two countries hitting a new low, where does it go from here?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Ayaz Wazir, former Pakistan Ambassador to Afghanistan.

Hamid Saboory, political analyst.

Richard Weitz, defence analyst.

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  1. Usa talking Indians policy anything just blame Pakistan all these afghan Indians and Usa can’t take the fact that Pakistan and China are building this cpac

  2. Beggars cant b choosers, the pakis has betrayed the US very eaisly but y blame onlt the pakis. There were Americans who knew wat exactly the Pakis were upto but they played along. So tge US shud 1st go after traitors within their own firces & then blame the pakis. The Pentagon swamp is still to b drained…..

  3. USA will need to get to a PAK INDIA Afganistan Triangle ?? Why does USA have a self Intrest in their Tone ?? India is an Independent country…..it is a ltgest democrcy with 7-8 % economic growth per year…….Please keep India out of it and deal with your own created problems…..like Pakistan and Afghanistan…..and keep India OUT……India is very capable to defend its self…

  4. Root of the problem is that US is ignoring majority pashtoons & prefering minority & weaker less serious tajiks etc in gov affairs. Pakistan a poor country is flooded with regugees. Take them back. Close the border to stop crossings to stop illegal activities. Logical. Isnt ir? Think.

  5. Suppose If American accusations are correct and Pakistan is supporting some Haqani Network, so it means no one can beat Taliban and Pakistan and again it's just a matter of imagination so what if Pakistan, China and Russia make an ally? I think it;s going to happen in few years, America your game is finish now ! You have already loss this war and now you are going to lose your identity. This will be written in history that once there were a county who claims to be superpower.

  6. Pakistan lost more soldiers den any other country we had mre terrorist attracts den anyone else we have lost more den anyone in America stupid Cold War everyone knows 9/11 was planned by America dre r plenty of videos on YouTube regarding dat it’s been exposed by Americans scientists

  7. US and Afghanis need to understand few things:
    1. Pakistan supported Afghan refugees for a long time and still they are supporting and keeping them.
    2. 20 years back taliban were produced and trained in Pakistan with in collision of American troops and according to their requirements.
    3. Now since Afghanistan has made a relationship with India the attacks has become more everyday because India never want to see Pakistan as a strong economy as they want to become the *Asian Tiger*.
    So first Afghan should be clear which side they want to go either India or Pakistan. Yes Pakistan has to come up with a strong and clear foreign Afghan policy which was much weaker in past few years due to corrupt and some personal business relationship of our govt elements.!!!
    Then US must talk with India to not interfere within Pak/Afghan issues. Also start a joint patrolling or visits the suspected areas of save havens in Pakistan as well as in Afghanistan!!!!!!!!!

  8. Blame Pakistan for our failure in Afghanistan. Stupid move. Pakistan got China n Russia behind them. Pakistan also took millions of refugees during Afghan war. Indian -U.S coalition in asia will destroy india and hurt USA's reputation

  9. Pakistan Assisted terrorists against Afghanistan for years. Now that they're getting back, they accuse Afghans.. and now that proof against Pakistan comes out.
    Pakistan says let's not accuse each other. And start building trust.
    Typical Cunning attitude.

    Second thing:
    Ashraf Ghani was a Pro Pakistan President. He said Afghanistan will ignore India and develop close ties With Pakistan. Years later, what made President Ghani change ?

    Pakistan can't keep on lying..!!!

  10. No way the USA Army were looking for Osama in Afghanistan while he was chilling in Pakistan. in the name of Osama attack Afghanistan and in the name of WMD attack Iraq.
    War is not the way. we share the same earth no one should ruin it.

  11. پہلے ہم نے ( روس ) سوویت یونین کو توڑا….
    پھر ہم نے امریکہ کی چیخیں نکلوائی….
    اب انڈیا کی باری ہے
    آئی ایس آئی زندہ باد
    پاکستان پائندہ باد

  12. USA is not in Afghanistan to fight terrorists lol .. they are in Afghanistan for there own interests ie resources etc… Pakistan is a fool for helping USA for 16 years… American should leave all other countries and should close all Military bases .. and defend its borders.. and allow other countries to trade in there own chosen currency…

  13. Not to forget it was America and Pakistan both who made life miserable for Afghans by creating Taliban.

    when taliban attacked Pakistan's region, Pakistan declared them as bad taliban(Pakistan taliban) and when they attacked Afghanistan they label them as good taliban(afghan taliban).
    This is the dual face Pakistan have.
    May the almighty curse you for bringing miserable life the future generations of Afghans.

  14. I live in Quetta Pakistan , it is true Here Talibans openly active .. they rise found here they get treatment , Imdad Hospital , General Hospital , Alkhair Hospital and Algilani Hospitals are famous here treating Talibans …, They ve bases Kuchlak , Pisheen , Kala Abdulllah , toba kakari …, it every body knows here in Kuchlak about Afghan Talibans… , I don’t know how world doesn’t know About the presence Of Afghan Taliban ..

  15. Army forces from Punjab, police from Punjab , Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is from Punjab, all diplomat are from Punjab, ambassador are from Punjab, TV presentator / journalist are from punjab, everyone from pujab the (elected) Government is from Punjab. This is game of highest profile.


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