Who are the Kurds? What do they want? And why does nobody want to give it to them?


Who are the Kurds? What do they want? And why does nobody want to give it to them?



  1. This was horrible and not accurate basic arab propaganda to kill Kurds. Kurds are 50 million. 25 IN Turkey 10M IN Iran 9 MIL in Iraq 4 Miliion in syria

  2. Only Israel supports an independent Kurdistan in order to gain a buffer with Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey, as well as in order to have a fighting force in the neighbourhood at Israel's beck and call. Israel in the past supplied Kurds with arms and training and had military and intel operatives active in areas with a huge Kurdish population in Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. Israel wants the Kurds for decoys, front fighters, a buffer zone. It is not above Israeli motives to secretly instigate volatile relations between Kurds and Turkey or Iran in order to create a barrier for themselves using another entity as its shield. The Kurds, internationally unsupported, identify with Israel as it is another former stateless nation that tells them what they want to hear. A fragmented Syria or Iraq with a Kurdistan segment would suit Israel. Turkey, Iran and Iraq won't allow Israel to create a second terrorist state in that region.

  3. 2 million Kurds in Armenia?!?!? Where did you get this info? There is maybe 40 thousands Yezidi Kurds in Armenia and they are not treated as second class citizen as in Turkey.

  4. Al Jazeera's – where did you get the idea that Armenia has 2 million Kurds? There are about 35,000 Kurdish-speakers (which includes Yazidis)…the whole country is 3 million. Get your facts straight!

    On a different note – the Kurds have proven that they should get a state for themselves. There is no significant threat coming from them towards other communities and they have proven they can take care of themselves. Northern Iraq has been de-facto a self-governing territory for the last 2 decades. And relatively well governed, all things considered.

  5. Well, you could create a Kurdistan with land from Iraq and Syria but not Turkey. You can have Kurdistan from Syria and Iraq land because of the conflicts that are happening there. Turkey on the other hand is a very powerful country and will definitely win anything if the Kurds want to fight for. I do think that Kurds should not really be with Arabs in Syria or Iraq. The Arabs are total stupid and they will always kill each other. Kurds should not take part in their stupid wars. As for Iran, I am not sure what to say. If Israel keeps hammering Iran like it is and if Iran becomes unstable then part of Iran could become Kurdistan too. Let's see what the future holds. I have to admit though that a Kurdistan state will not mean peace. It will be more like another player to fight for oil.

  6. I hope middle east could liv peacefully like asians. Japan thailand indonesia korea philipines china vietnam malaysia taiwan singapore. We live peacefully together now ofcourse there is no perfect relationship but we get along. 🤝

  7. I stand with Kurdish people getting their own country from all the occupied countries. It's your own right Kurdistan to become independent after all, God bless Kurdistan. I am not Kurdish by the way !

  8. NO to the Balkanization of Iraq! The current Iraqi government nor the beleaguered but undefeated people of the Iraqi nation need to pay for the crimes committed on the Kurdish population by Saddam Hussein (once a darling of the U.S!). Besides, nothing that the venomous Netanyahu supports or promotes can be good for the region.

  9. The current geographic borders and nations in Middle East were installed by the Western colonial powers of a bygone era. Most nations in Middle East (and Africa) were created or mandated by Western colonial powers. The Western powers who drew those borders, created those nations, did not fully understand the deep-rooted contexts and internal divisions of the local people and cultures. Much of the decades of chaos in Middle East (and Africa) is the legacy of Western-mandated borders and nations, which have been enforced onto the local people as a way to perpetuate the old colonial powers.

    Compared that scenario to East Asia, which has mostly reverted to its former borders and states prior to the arrival and interventions of Western powers. East Asians have been able to avoid the endless chaos that has plagued the Middle East and Africa. The only exception is the divided Korea, which is – surprise, surprise – remnants of Western interventions.

    It is time for the people of the Middle East to redraw their own borders, to create their own nations, to determine their own destinies – according to their own cultural, ethnic, historical, political, religious, social compatibilities and differences. If the people in Middle East want to have long-lasting peace, prosperity and stability, they themselves will have to determine their own borders, their own nations, their own destinies.

  10. good luck to the beloved Kurdish people
    You deserve a large country that will contain all the 35 million you,
    A state that will also be established in Syria, Iran, Turkey …
    Everywhere there are Kurds there is your right to the state,
    Long live the great Kurdistan that will gain independence in all districts,
    Inshallah God will be with you

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