Why Office Air Conditioning Is Sexist


Sexist air conditioning: The Telegraph’s Radhika Sanghani explains why the standard office temperature of 22°C is too low for most women.



  1. Ahem. Shawls. Hoodies. Cardigans. Sweater vests, wind breakers, jackets, pea coats. THERMOSTATS. Find a new job. Close the duct. Relocate. Exhaust all other options BEFORE going on TV and looking like a lunatic.

  2. Coming up next: omg trees are sexist
    talks about how the leaves are a manly green color, ignoring the fact that thinking green is a guy color is pretty sexist

  3. "22C is too cold for women"
    22C -> F = 71.6F

    room tem·per·a·ture
    a comfortable ambient temperature, generally taken as about 70°F.


  4. The person speaking in this video said that men should stop wearing suits and wear t-shirts instead, but was just complaining about how women have to put on more clothes and can't dress "fashionably" because it's too cold. So what she's saying is that she doesn't care if a man can't dress fashionably, all she cares about is herself, like a lot of third wave femenists.

  5. Is it just me getting more stupid or is it the ladies there being more stupid? I feel like little collection of braincells that lady has is gone -_-

    Lady fun fact! U can bring a jacket or a sweater! Its a new technology!

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