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To see African wild dogs in the flesh is a real privilege, it’s thought there may only be 3000 left in the wild making them one of the most endangered mammals in Africa…

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  1. African Wild Dogs (or Painted Wolves, as some prefer) form incredibly strong social bonds. There is also a Beta pair that will step up if anything happens to either of the alpha dogs. They all play a part with raising the pups. It's a truly amazing thing to see. These fascinating creatures need our protection. Big applause to Taryn and her team!

  2. I'm curious what a non feminist would say about the relationship of the alpha pair. Feminists see things differently from normal people

  3. I volunteer at a sanctuary where I can watch these animals. They are amazing, and it's true that the alpha pair will very rarely leave each others' side. The only time I think I've seen them separate it when the female was nursing pups, and the male went to get food.
    I think you should also mention how each animal's coat pattern is unique, like a finger print.
    Also, they are incredibly social creatures. They can live in packs of over 30 (Though our facility can only house 6 due to space) and will greet each other every morning. They also love sleeping in piles, one on top of the other. It becomes a cute pile of fur, haha!

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