World’s First Head Transplant: What’s Involved?


Matthew Crocker, a consultant neurosurgeon at St George’s Hospital, London, explains exactly what’s involved in a planned head transplant that would be the first ever carried out.



  1. I'm confused … they say the donor head will be moved to the recipients body … but isn't it the other way aruto no? Ie, the donor (whose dead obviously) gives their BODY to the recipient (who is alive, keeps his / her head, just has a new body).?????

  2. They said it was impossible to go more than 20mph without suffocating…They said it was impossible to get an aircraft off the ground…They said it was impossible to go into space…They said it was impossible to transplant a heart….How is Matthew Crocker going to look if Canavero actually pulls this off ?

  3. I wonder… If one were to somehow keep a brain alive while isolated from a body, and feed it inputs approximating the sensory information it would normally receive, would it be "conscious", with the consciousness being limited to its inputs?

  4. operation is too complicated. the man will either be severely brain damaged or will just not last long. procedure is very difficult. crazy. maybe in another century or two with sophisticated computers and technology.

  5. I think it's possible. It's not gonna be fully functional like they hope it to be but it's possible. Don't they used to say the world was flat, how wrong was that now?

  6. this is creepy. so if the procedure doesn't work and it fails, what will they do with the head? keep it alive with machines? that would be even more creepy. keeping the head in a dome and machines pumping blood with oxygen to it. something tells me it's possible. but would the head wake up? it won't be able to talk due to vocal cords missing so they would look around and stare, move the mouth? they won't be able to whisper, no lungs no air! can't wait to see how this goes.

  7. Wait a minute , what body is going to be decapitated to receive the new head? Doesn't it need to be alive to begin with? Are they going to murder one person so another can have a new body?

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