Young Coati Escapes Hawk – Wild Brazil – BBC Earth


The future for this Coati is uncertain as it strays from its family into dangerous territory.

Taken From Wild Brazil: The Land Of Fire And Flood

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  1. i love this channel. and as a brazilian, i love to see brazilian animals. but this video just didnt deliver the usual interesting/exciting bbc earth content that im used to.

  2. Why do I feel like the hawk was separately filmed, and there was no actual danger for the Coati. I find it hard to believe the hawk would just let a dumb baby squeak so loudly and slowly prance off into the woods if it actually wanted to eat it.

  3. I got to look at one up close and feed them once. I volunteered at a zoo, because of school. I got to go behind the scenes and watch the zookeeper call them into a caged tunnel at the back. She fed them and they were pretty cool to look at. I got to feed them too.

  4. My friend owns a bunch of exotic animals and she owns a rescue Coati and she's the sweetest thing ever. Her previous owner was abusive and had her fingers cut off, but by being in a loving house now, she is the most social exotic animal I've met. She climbs on me and licks the sweat off the back of my neck and is so curious of everything. Her little nose wiggles sporadically whenever she finds something exciting to smell.

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