Your World With Neil Cavuto 6/5/2017 | Fox News Today June 5,2017 Monday


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Full Show: Your World With Neil Cavuto 6/5/2017 | Fox News Today June 5,2017 Monday
Genre: Bus./financial, News
Premise: Hosted by Neil Cavuto, FNC’s business news senior vice president, this program covers the latest business news stories, in addition to giving analysis on how the stock market moved through the day. It also covers political stories and how they may affect the markets.



  1. Well Ted Cruz doesn't want to give any comment on Russian collusion with out seeing the fact. He is right !!!!! Don't judge the book by it's cover. He is one among the Senators with moral.

  2. why were there no armed police on london bridge !!!!!a prime target !! the terrorists could have been shot down immediately!!!! lives would have been saved !!!!! islam illegal alien traitor ovomit dept. of home land security purged deleted over 800 records referenced radical islam and muslim brother hood !!!!

  3. ►As usual, a Brit reporter actually bragged that the police took the London Bridge terrorist attacks “very seriously; they responded within minutes.” “VERY SERIOUSLY”??? GEE, YA THINK??? Too little, too late. Then the Police Chief talked tough and promised a full investigation, yadda, yadda. Will the fools EVER go beyond just talking tough?

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