Your World With Neil Cavuto 6/6/2017 | Fox News Today June 6,2017 Tuesday


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Full Show: Your World With Neil Cavuto 6/6/2017 | Fox News Today June 6,2017 Tuesday
Genre: Bus./financial, News
Premise: Hosted by Neil Cavuto, FNC’s business news senior vice president, this program covers the latest business news stories, in addition to giving analysis on how the stock market moved through the day. It also covers political stories and how they may affect the markets.



  1. Neil, thank you having the huevos/bravery to tell your message to President Trump. He watches Fox News, so we can all be assured he heard your message that all of us what him to hear.

  2. what exactly has this piece of useless shit trump has accomplished that has had any true value to the American people? None that I'm aware off; this trump is just a damn joke and waste of our tax payers dollars

  3. America IS GREAT, and will become the GREATEST USA EVER, with President Trump's leadership! His 'Tweets' show us his true spirit; and having actually studied the law, the POTUS's Tweets will have NO AFFECT ON ANY FUTURE LITIGATIONS! That's the law! The SCOTUS must make decisions based on 'The Rule of Law' and Judicial Precedence. Cavuto, like MOST so-called journalists rush to judgement WITHOUT KNOWING THE LAW, OR ANY OTHER GERMANE FACTS! eNOUGH!!!

  4. She made statements on social media pledging to support Iran if the US waged war on them.
    She's a full blown liberal traitor.
    Too bad we don't shoot traitors anymore.

  5. why are you taking such a left point of view structure holding a journal the mayor of London is a Muslim he is supporting all of these terrorists coming into his country he's not doing anything to stop it

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