Your World With Neil Cavuto 6/7/2017 | Fox News Today June 7,2017 Wednesday


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Full Show: Your World With Neil Cavuto 6/7/2017 | Fox News Today June 7,2017 Wednesday
Genre: Bus./financial, News
Premise: Hosted by Neil Cavuto, FNC’s business news senior vice president, this program covers the latest business news stories, in addition to giving analysis on how the stock market moved through the day. It also covers political stories and how they may affect the markets.



  1. Neil why don't you get a fucking life instead you trash our President like shit on a new York sandwich, you can kiss my American ass you dick head when you choose James Comey that lying pice of shit that really fuckup the FBI and protected the Clinton.' and Obama and his administration as he testified to in the Senate Hearings you ass. Where in the hell is Ruport Murdoch when you fucking need him you prick.

  2. We got the great Lou Doobs from CNN, let them have the Cavuto asshole, i can't look at his phony face! you support our President, he has enough assholes attacking him,
    f#¤%ng douchebag…

  3. Why the huge hype over ex-Director of the FBI Jim Comey's testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee? The people will be relieved when the craziness is over!!

  4. The president should pull out ALL US troop who are in South Korea if that's true!! Pure Stupidity!! The North is firing missiles, you in the South are setting up defense if in case, yet u stop because the North says u are provocative? How dumb can u get and breathe??!!!!

  5. Comey knows that when Trump fired him, his entire office was seized with all computers/documents/records/email copies/classified information. Comey was 1,000 miles away when Trump ordered the top FBI offices locked down…. Comey is going to make President Trump not liable for anything because Trump now has what he needs to counter Comey on all the lies he hid behind when he would no prosecute Hilary Clinton…she is the number one poison in this country and I pray to God that everything will surface and justice will now be done….she has used, walked on, hurt, destroyed many people and we need recompense and accountability from her.

  6. All these Russians or Comey things are Democrats' way to delay or destroy Trump presidency.  I think at gut level people know that there is nothing there.  When I listened to the testimonies today, it was like the senators were treating the witnesses like a bunch of criminals.  When the witnesses say 'No I did not get that impression from president or anyone from the administration….."  Senators going "Are you sure?  We are trying to find out….. but you are not telling the truth."  Wow, they are trying to scrape what is not there to hear what they want to hear – to damage the president.  It is a circus and the real victims are ?  – The American people who are suffering by the effects of the Obamacare.  My family is, too.  This whole thing makes my blood boil.

  7. I don't remember  you digging into the Clinton Foundation.   And  this  ugly  rampage against  our  wonderful  President  who has  done  more  for the American people in a  few months  than all past presidents during their whole term….oooh   helping  veterans  —   not be  left to die   that's  not  good ?   Which president did that.Who gave Christians and churches  back their freedom of speech ?  Which president  brought jobs in before  he  even took his oath ? Which president wanted to keep us   totally safe ?  Which president called for unity the night he  was elected ? Which president helped women with  child care ? Which president wanted  to balance the budget? Obvioulsy all that is  important  you could care less about…not interested in your mess any more.  Hey  your  ugly remarks   do not  phase him  nor me  ….because   he's  way   bigger  of  man than  to   dump all over someone  for really  no big reason — our men left to be  tortured in Benghazi – yes  big reason     but  tweets ??? SERIOUSLY   Neil – have never seen you sooooo petty  . HIS SUPPORTERS  INCLUDING ME    LOVE HIS TWEETS   WHY ? BECAUSE THEN THEY WON'T  BE TWISTED BY THE MEDIA …WHO  ARE JUST MAD  THEIR FREAK SHOW DIDN'T GET IN, BOUGHT  FOR BY ROTHSCHILDS  Neil  shame on you —lowest  I've seen you go.  Pathetic  but  guess   your   FOX  now  wants  to  hear  our POTUS     to be  dumped on  FOX  too, just wanted  to  join the   nasty  club.  VERY DISAPPOINTED  …VERY.  SAD…..   UNNECCESARY. Yuuuuuck.

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